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The problem
World Health Organization ( WHO) classified cell phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant tumour type of brain cancer that the multinational interphone cancer study has associated with longterm cell phone use.Some studies have suggested an association between frequent, long-term cell phone use, Salivary gland tumors and acoustic neuromas,tumors of the nerve that links the ear to the brain. Cerebellum part gets affected mis balance nature gets formed naturally. Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) evidence shows that a few minutes of mobile phone use begins to heat the brain tissues and can cause damage to cells, a precursor to cancer.

Human studies conducted in the U.S, Australia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, South Africa and Turkey link cell phone radiation to decreases sperm count, motility rate decreased and lead to less viability. So, men should not keep cell phone in their pants pocket or over there belt while talking. Learn more in EWG's report on the issue. More research is essential, but in the meantime. Research on laboratory animals and studies on children whose mothers actively used cell phones during pregnancy suggest that caution is warranted.

In 2008 the National Academy of Sciences published a comprehensive review of available studies on biological effects of cell phone radiation, asserting that the question of cancer was paramount.

The solution
I am Safe is made of a unique combination of rare earth compounds with uniqueness of scalar energy. It protects from negative impacts and unwanted harmful radiation and prevents over heat from the mobile phone and electronics devices. Bioaccumulated radiations in our body is taken away by using this product it also strengthens and protect our cells. It has renewal and regeneration effect.

The below images illustrate the amount of heat and radiation exposure while talking on a mobile phone

Medical Thermal imaging system of the face and head after 20 minutes of a mobile phone call

Medical Thermal imaging system of the face and head after 20 minutes with no exposure to harmful mobile phone radiation

I am Safe can also be used to shield users from EMR emitted from other electronic devices such as cordless phones, laptops and PCs,microwaves, refrigerators and televisions. I am safe does not interfere with mobile reception.