Doctor's experience of Original Divine Noni

Health Condition

I feel very much energetic in my day to day life. Digestion Disturbance relieved. I get some more concentration and memory in my performance. I am taking Divine Noni for the last one month. In my Observation with Divine Noni we get more power and more immunity against diseases. This is not only with my own experience, but also the result of my patients.

Name: Dr. K.S. Shukkoor Babu Age: 37 Sex: M DOB: 01.05.1972 Address : Karukappadath House Edavanakam P.O. 682502

Vitality & Stamina

Health Condition

There was no organic disease but I did not have stamina. I used to feel tired after continuous work for three hours or so. My digestive system at times used to give trouble.

After taking Divine Noni continuously I do not feel tired after long hours of working (7 - 8 Hours). My digestive system behaves well. Most of the time I feel energetic. Good feel factor or Feel Good factor is being experienced by me.

Name: Dr.Brahma Singh  Age: 68  Sex: M  DOB: 15.12.1941  Address: E-713, Mayur Vihar Phase-II , Delhi-110 091r

Blood Pressure

Health Condition

My blood pressure absolutely normal (80/120) since last two years.

Before taking Divine Noni I have serious blood pressure. (80/130). Suddenly Mr. Nemai Chand Dutta came to me and gave the bottle of Divine Noni. Even I was not very much more confident about the product. I was taking Noni twice a day (5 ml two times). Day by Day I feel better. My energy level is increased. My blood pressure level is also going perfect. Today I feel very much better than before and I am living completely disease free healthy life. Thanks to Prof.Mr.P.I.Peter, Thanks to Divine Noni and Thanks to Mr. Nemai Chand Dutta who was giving me the God gifted product to me in time.

Name: Kalyan Kumar Hazara Age: 53 Sex: M DOB: 17.10.1959 Address: Village RamKrishnabati P.O,Mrigala PS Dankuni Dist, Hoogly - 712 331, W.B

Health Condition

Before Divine Noni use, I was suffering from high B.P. After using Divine Noni juice, BP is normal without medicine.

Name: U.C Deka Age: 51 Sex: M DOB: 01.01.1960 Address: Agartala Airport P.O. Agartala Airport, Tripura West


Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni I have the most painful disease called FISTULA and I have undergone various Doctors treatment and medicines.
Then I have the God gifted product called Original Divine Noni. Mr. Nemai Chand Dutta advised me to take Noni Twice a day. Then I started to take Divine Noni. And after using it for 15 days I feel that my fistula problem is invisible. Now I am much better than before. I feel fresh than before and I will use NONI till the last day of my life.
Thanks to Divine Noni
Thanks to Prof.Dr.P.I.Peter.
Thanks to LR.MR. Nemai Chand Dutta.

Name: Sujit Kumar Das Age: 38 Sex: M DOB: 08.03.1972 Address: Vill. Ramkrishnabati (No 19) P.O Mrigala PS, Danguni Dist, Hooghly 712 331, W.B

Eye Sight

Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni. I have low eye sight. That's why I have problems everywhere. Specially in my office. I have taken optic lens. But day by day my eye sight is going poor. Suddenly Mr. Gopal Adhikary came to me and gave me a bottle of Divine Noni. The very next day I started taking Divine Noni Twice a day. After one bottle, I feel better. My eye sight has improved. Today I have my best eye sight ever (for me Divine Noni is my eye sight).
Thanks to Prof. Dr. P.I. Peter.
Thanks to Divine Noni.
Thanks to Mr. Gopal Adhirkary.

Name: Subir Adhikary Sex: M Address: Ramkrishnabati (Panchabati Tala) P.O. Mrigala Dist. Hooghly W.B.


Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni I was very sick. Frequently fever attacked one time or two times in a month and I also was mentally sick. After taking Noni.

My fever tendency has gone. My mental sickness has disappeared. Thanks for Divine Noni & Thanks to Dr. P.I. Peter.

Name: Uttam Saha Age: 41 Sex: M DOB: 16.06.1969 Address: Mampi Medical Stores, Neheru Chawk Area AALO City west Siang, Arunachal Pradesh North East, PIN 791001


Health Condition

My health condition was very bad, always weak and suffering from acidity and constipation etc. I always felt pain in my body. Later I found myself that I had cancer.
After taking Divine Noni I became stronger and all pain, acidity and constipation had gone slowly and slowly. After completion of 3 months, all the diseases had gone from my body.
Now I am very happy and I want to express my sincere thanks to my brothers who have introduced Divine Noni to me and the Noni company.

Name: Mrs. Ingudam (or) Muhini Age: 52 Sex: F DOB: 01.02.1961 Address: RIMS Road Near Nityainanda Temple, Imphal, Manipur.r


Health Condition

Myself MD. Saifuddin. I am 56 years old retired person. I was suffering from piles for the last 2 years. As the disease going old, I was totally hopeless about what to do. My physical condition was getting poor day after day. Suddenly Mr. Debasish Bhuiya came to me and gave me an Divine Noni Bottle. After that I started taking Noni Twice a Day. After the first bottle I feel better than before. I am taking Noni for the last 3 months. My physical condition is now better and my piles problem is already gone. Thanks to Mr. Debasish Bhuiya for giving me the bottle of Divine Noni at the right time.

Name: MD. Saifuddin Age: 56 Sex: M Address: Village Rajkhola PS - Uluberia Dist - Howrah, 711 322

Broken Limb

Health Condition

I had an accident. My Bone broke. Jointed with Iron plate. Doctor told, to recover it will take minimum 6 months. After using Divine Noni along with medicine I feel very happy and I started walking within 60 days. Thanks to Prof.Peter's Original Divine Noni.

Name: Gunda Ramesh Age: 26 Sex: M DOB: 22.05.1982 Address: Village Beruwada Div Mon bad Mndl. K. Samudram Dist Warangal


Health Condition

Since 10 years I was suffering from skin disease Psoriasis. I tried all type of medicine, throughout 10 years, but I didn't get any results.
In the month of December 09, Sri. I.S. Dyavangouda introduced Divine Noni & I followed his advice, taken very good result in three months and I continued totally 6 months period. I got satisfactory result. I am very comfortable with skin. So I am very interested in calling, this Divine Noni as a sanjeevini.

Name: Rajendra A. Torgalmath Age: 52 Sex: M DOB: 16.10.1959


Health Condition

Before having this Divine Noni, I am over weight, past 3 months having this and the result is I reduced almost 3 kg / month. I feel so active and good looking. Everybody is telling me, that I become so cute and attractive. Thank you so much to Divine Noni. And also my father feel better after using Divine Noni.

Name: R. Anitha Anjelin Age: 23 Sex: F DOB: 28.01.1988 Address: No. 22, 3rd Ave, DAE Township, Kalpakkam - 603102.


Health Condition

I had Diabetics for 3 years. After taking Divine Noni, I am tested to no longer be Diabetic. It gives enough strength and good health. We are consuming Divine Noni as a whole family. Divine Noni keeps us in good health.

Name: M.J. Needhiman Age: 58 Sex: M DOB: 08.06.1953 Address:RTS Hansa Gardens, Rajakilpakkam, Chennai - 600073

Fibroid & Weightloss

Health Condition

I was suffering with Fibroid and was having 460 sugar, also had knee pain my weight was 98 kgs. After using Divine Noni my weight decreased to 82kgs. My son (Ravinder) gave me Divine Noni after somebody in his college told about this. Within one month I have seen changes in my body and my Fibroid problem too vanished without operation. Within 6 months my all problems got resolved. I am very much thankful to Divine Noni.

Name: Vimala Patil Age: 46 Sex: F DOB: 25.06.1965 Address:11 - 3 - 377/A Flat No. 104, Balaji Enclave, Srinivas Nagar, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Blood Pressure & Diabetes

Health Condition

I was suffering with B.P. and sugar since many years. I thought my life will end. But due to God's grace, Mr. Ganapath Rao gave this Divine Noni and within one month I got cured. Very much thankful to Divine Noni.

Name: Lalitha Age: 50 Sex: F Address:Adjacent Venkatama Kota, Mallapatti, Hyderabad, AndhraPradesh

General Health

Health Condition

Before taking Indian Noni, my health condition was not good and gastric didn't give me any peace in my body. My tooth was also not good and I couldn't chew any meat. Whenever I ate, my tooth ached. Dark spots spoiled my face. After taking Divine Noni, I became free from all diseases I had before. It's an amazing health drink. I express my hearty thanks to my older brother samarendra who introduced it to me and the company.

Name: Potsansbam Haimo Singh Age: 35 Sex: M DOB: 19.11.1975 Address:Heirangaithong, west, Imphal Manipur

Health Condition

Myself Khokan Chandra Dalui, I am 67 years old. I was suffering from cancer since one and half years. My health condition was very poor. Even I was not able to walk over 5 minutes. I need a ready bed with me all day long. One day I met Mr. Sunil Kumar Koley. He gave me a bottle of Divine Noni. I started taking Divine Noni Twice a day. Then I took it three times and I feel better than before. I start walking in the morning and I feel very much energetic than before. Thanks to Mr. Sunil KR. Koley. Noni has came to me like God. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks ---------- to Original Divine Noni.

Name: Kokan Chandra Dalui Age: 67 Sex: M Address:Vill. Samanti P.O. - Nayachak, PS - Panchla Howrah 711322.

Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni my family doctor advised me to take medicine whole life. And also advised me not to go anywhere alone. I started taking Noni since three years. After taking 3 bottles of Divine Noni I feel that it started working in my body. And I feel better than before. Since last two years I do not take any medicines, even I am living a disease free healthy life. Thanks to Divine Noni So many thanks to Prof. Dr. P.I. Peter and thanks to Health India Laboratories.

Name: Weidamon Khar Naior Age: 53 Sex: F DOB: 25.11.1957 Address:"SOLACE" Revenue Plot No. 10, Lumshugain Rynjal, Shillong 793006, Meghalaya

Acidity and digestion

Health Condition

After use of Divine Noni for 1 month, Less Acidity, B.P is now normal, digestion problem is less.

Name: Radha Rani Sex: F Address:Gedu mia Maszid road, Shibnagar P.O. Agartala college, Dist - (w) Tripura Pin - 799004.

Breathing Problem

Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni I had a breathing problem, also digestive problem. My health condition was not so well. After taking Noni my breathing problem totally gone and my acidic problem has disappeared. I am now more energetic and with good health. I am also following 10 commandments. Thanks Noni, Thanks. Dr. Swapan KR. Saha also thanks to Dr. P.I. Peter.

Name: Ali Asgar Ansari Age: 45 Sex: M D.O.B: 01.01.1964 Address: Jonai, Dist - Demaji, Assam - 787 060


Health Condition

Before taking Divine Noni I have serious Asthma problem. I am not sleeping at night. My health condition was very poor. I was treated by various Allopathy Doctors but no Results. Suddenly Mr. Sujit Kumar Das came to me and gave me a bottle of Divine Noni. After using it for around 15 days I feel that my breathing is getting normal. As well my sleeping problem is getting normal. I feel better than before. Today I am totally cured.
Thanks to Divine Noni
Thanks to Prof. Dr.P.I. Peter.
Thanks to LR.Mr. Sujit Kumar Saha

Name: Seema Debsharma C/o. Hari Charan Debsharma Age: 44 Sex: F Address:Ramkrishnabati (Ward. No. 19) P.O. Mrigala Dist. Hooghly 712 331 W.B