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To understand how Noni works in our body we should first understand a little about how our body works. On the physical level, our body works by chemical reactions, all the time converting one substance to another. Even our thinking, feeling, and spiritual issues all manifest in the body through chemical reactions.

In our present life – pollution, stress, heavy metals, malnutrition, aging, and illness interfere with the body’s chemical reaction. Noni helps chemical reactions in our body to work better.

When our chemistry works well, our body works well too.

Let us now see how Noni works in our body

Noni works at the cellular level. It helps our body’s chemical reactions to work better since Noni has a high energy level. There are many processes of chemical reactions happening in our bodies. The two important ones are,

1. Synthesis of protein: Synthesis includes all the things that our body makes, for example, proteins, connective tissues, new cells, hormones, DNA, etc.

2. Cellular communication: Communication refers to the flow of chemically controlled information among the cells, for proper and coordinated growth of the human body as a whole.

Globular proteins are the workhorses for both Synthesis and Communication. One class of globular protein is enzymes. Enzymes enable every chemical reaction in the body. It is so important that if there are no enzymes, there are no chemical reactions. To control the chemical reaction which the body must do to make everything work effectively and smoothly, the body controls the activity of its enzymes.

Thanks to the remarkable work of Dr. Ralph Heinicke who discovered a vital molecule called Proxeronine in the Noni fruit. According to Dr. Ralph Heinicke, Proxeronine combines with an enzyme Proxeroninase to form an alkaloid called Xeronine in our body.

Once Xeronine is formed, it combines with many proteins in our body that require Xeronine to function. There is a specific site on certain proteins that allows them to combine with Xeronine. Many vital proteins acting as hormones, antibodies, and enzymes need Xeronine to carry out their duties. Many of these proteins cannot function without Xeronine.

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