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Noni Fruit:

Noni is a fruit from the plant Morinda citrifolia L. This fruit has its origin rooted in India. This fruit is known as ‘Ayushka’ in Sanskrit meaning “Elixir of Life”. This fruit contains more than 200 micronutrients, essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, alkaloids, fatty acids, etc.

Noni fruit has detoxifying and rejuvenating properties. The health-enhancing attributes of Noni fruits are Immunostimulant, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Anti-congestive, and Cancer inhibiting. 

Noni Fruit Juice:

Noni juice comes from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia tree. The fruit is in yellow & light green colour with the size of a small mango. It is grown & cultivated in Southeast Asia, India, Australia, etc. Some of its most famous names are Indian mulberry, Headache tree, Cheese fruit, etc.

But why should we drink Divine Noni Juice?

Divine Noni is a health drink, which will make you feel a lot better than you do right now. Your life will become better with regular use of Divine Noni. It gives you a strong body, a calm mind, and beautiful skin. Divine Noni is a superfood for healthy people to live healthier and for sick people to become healthy.

Divine Noni Juice contains Morinda citrifolia dried fruit extract (Noni Fruit – Indian Mulberry), Garcinia Cambogia, and Glycyrrhiza glabra.

  • Noni helps in boosting immunity and reduces stress. Moreover, it helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Studies also show that it improves memory power.
  • Garcinia Cambogia reduces cholesterol levels, improves energy levels and suppresses appetite, this component can help you lose weight.
  • Glycyrrhiza glabra has been traditionally used to treat many diseases, such as respiratory disorders, hyperdipsia, epilepsy, fever, paralysis, stomach ulcers, rheumatism, skin diseases, hemorrhagic diseases, and jaundice. 

Divine Noni is a pioneer in presenting the wholesome benefits of Noni fruits through Prof. P.I. Peter’s Original Divine Noni, available in bottles of 400ml, and 800 ml. Divine Noni Juice is manufactured with the intention to create a World of Wellness in which everyone is healthy, happy, and wealthy.

The Original Divine Noni has been formulated from natural herbs for greater health, vitality, and well-being. Morinda citrifolia is used as a key ingredient for the preparation of Original Divine Noni and it is processed from the Morinda citrifolia fruit grown by organic cultivation method and processed with no fumigants, toxic flavorings. It is a combination of extracts of powerful herbs such as Garcinia cambogia and Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) in addition to Morinda citrifolia.

Divine Noni Juice is processed with high care to maintain its bio-activity and keep its active components intact. It is made from Noni fruits which are organically grown without using harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is backed by extensive research.

Benefits of Divine Noni Juice:

  • Immune System – Noni supports the immune system, which strengthens the body’s natural ability to fight disease and infection.
  • Circulatory system – Noni is a superior antioxidant that helps your body rid itself of harmful free radicals and may increase your energy level.
  • Digestive system – Noni supports proper digestion, which means you absorb more nutrients at the cellular level.
  • Metabolic system – Noni boosts the metabolic system, which helps you enjoy increased energy and vitality.
  • Other Benefits – Because Noni is good for so many systems of the body, it helps give your hair a healthy shine and lets your skin glow. Other benefits include longer mental clarity, increased attention span and greater physical performance levels.
  • Helps Pain Management
  • Relieves Stress
  • Food for Living Cells
  • Friend of Women

Divine Noni is not a Medicine.

Suitable for All Ages with No Diet Restrictions

Used Internally & Externally

To get full benefit use Divine Noni twice daily for 12 Months.


People all over the world are using Divine Noni daily as a dietary supplement with amazing results, experiencing wellness and well-being in their everyday living. Divine Noni is marketed for the past 20 years with positive results and with no side effects.

We stand for wellness.


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