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Each 10 gms.contains : tarbooja (citrullus vulgaris)-0.80 gm., dadima (punica granatum)-0.60gm.,kheera(cucumis sativus)-0.60gm.,seb(pyrus malus)-0.50gm.,badam (prunus amygdalus)-0.40gm., olive (olea eropoea)_oil-0.20gm.,chironji(buchanania latifolia)-0.20gm.,jayphal(myristica fragrans)-0.01gm., base-q.s.to make 100% permitted colors, flavors & preservatives used.

Benefits of Fruit Facial Massage Cream:

Aryanveda fruit & nut cream is formulated using the fruit of tarbooja, dadima , kheera, seb & nuts from olive, badam, chronjil jayphal. It helps improve natural complexion, smoothes skin, controls minor pigmentation disorders & helps recover from blemishes, the darkness around eyes & dark spots on the face. regular applications impart naturally, soft, smooth & glowing skin feel free from demishes, old scars & marks.

How To Use:

Take sufficient quantity so as to cover the face completely. apply & spread by gentle rubbing.


Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 cm


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