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Premium Hair oil contains all the goodness of Moringa and the added benefits of coconut, Castor, Mustard seed, and other essential oils. (Ginger, clove Black pepper, lemon, cinnamon, and moringa)

Benefits of Premium Herbal Hair Oil:

  • Premium Hair oil is a perfect mixture of Moringa with essential oil which rejuvenates dull, lack-luster hair.
  • The precious natural nutrients present in this rich, smooth oil penetrate the hair shaft
  • Revive the root cells and reduce dry, itchy, inflamed scalp
  • Stimulates slow & inactive hair follicles, unclogs blocked pores
  • Soothes & conditions the scalp
  • Promotes Long, Healthy, and Dense Hair

How to Use:

Apply oil on hair and scalp for 30 min. for the oil to be absorbed and then wash your hair using mild herbal shampoo.


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