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Moringa Oleifera seeds are also quite nutritious as they contain high levels of B vitamins and Vitamin C. The oil can be extracted either by cold-pressed method or by solvent extraction. Moringa oil exerts many therapeutic properties because of its unique nutrition. Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-aging, Anti-microbial, Disinfectant, Carrier, Hepatoprotective ( protects the liver from damage), Emollient (moisturizer)Preservative, Exfoliant, Enfleurage (used as perfume base oil).


Pure Moringa Oleifera Oil Extract

Benefits of Pure Moringa Oil:

  1. Excellent Moisturizer
  2. Liver health
  3. As a Rheumatic Oil
  4. Management of Hysteria
  5. Boosts Gum Health
  6. Sleep Aid
  7. Anti-aging
  8. Exfoliating
  9. Antifungal
  10. Acne treatment
  11. Skin Therapy: Deeply moisturizing and absorbs quickly, Keeps the skin soft. Helps to control pimples, black, and whiteheads, acne Anti-aging Antiseptic on mild rashes and insect bites. Helps to reduce stretch marks and scars.
  12. Hair Therapy: Gives soft and shiny hair. Promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. Reduces Dandruff and Soothes itchy & irritated scalp.

How to Use:

Take the oil in an appropriate quantity in your hand and gently massage it into the skin/scalp.

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Chemmala Pure Moringa Oil


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